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What Is STRATEGIC Leadership?

30/12/2010 19:42


Strategic leadership basically means using strategy in the management of workers. The main strategy usually employed in astrategic style of leadership is to motivate workers to take the initiative to improve their productive input into the company. Strategy involves thinking and planning. Leadership inspires others to take the appropriate action. Strategic leadership is a management model that trains and encourages employees to best prepare the company for the future.


Strategic leaders are always looking ahead and analyzing the present in terms of preparation for what may be ahead for the business. Awareness is a big part of a strategic leadership style, but it must be followed up with well thought out action. Strategicleaders are adaptable and growth-oriented. They take responsibility for getting things done by training employees to think and act more effectively to achieve the best result possible for the company.


Productivity is a main goal of strategic leadership. Yet, it's not about merely increasing the amount of work done, but rather it'sstrategic productivity, or working harder for reasons best for the company. Although the strategic style of leadership always keeps the best interests of the business in mind, it's also appreciative of employees' unique talents and efforts.


Strategic leaders use leadership techniques that empower and motivate rather than bully employees. Another goal of strategic leadership is to create an environment in which employees anticipate the company's needs in relation to their own job. Employees in a workplace environment led by a strategic leader are encouraged to follow their own initiative. Strategic leaders reward quality workers by promoting them and offering incentives to do well for the company.


When it doesn't make sense to promote an employee or initiate other changes, a strategic leader rethinks the situation rather than going through with a change. Strategy, or careful planning, before making any change in the company is absolutely crucial in astrategic style of leadership. The philosophy behind the practice of strategic leadership is to use strategy in every act of decision making. A more thoughtful management approach can lead to greater success in the workplace if many factors are considered before action is implemented.


Barking out orders to staff is certainly not a style that's conducive to a strategic type of leadership. A coaching style of leading others is very much a part of strategic leadership. Strategic management realizes that employees have a potential that should be encouraged in a respectful, yet motivating way. Strategic leaders look to retain good employees while also forecasting how the company can run even more efficiently in the future.