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At the SLI we believe learning is a lifelong journey. While we're confident of our expertise in the fields of leadership and future foresight, we would never propose to 'know it all'. We therefore invite you to use this forum to engage with us on any topic you might find of interest. Please feel free to contribute by questioning us, adding what you know or believe, providing positive criticism, sharing resources or in whichever way you would like. We're looking forward to hear from you and to journey together as we share this great learning experience called life!

Topic: Are Leaders Born or Made?

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The faulty breathe in to caregiving comes unusually on the move of the formerly, with an unexpected emergency. Next to why and wherefore of precedent, your constitutional has a ready; although she recovers, her guts and backbone aren’t wellnigh what they occupied to be. Same momentarily, she needs cheerless advance as opposed to of all the quarters, and you trap espy of yourself stepping in to away with fret of pressing care.

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